Rance Poole

Rance Poole of Namaste StudioBorn, August 23rd 1969, The Fine Artist, Graphic Designer, and Animator, first became involved in the world of art, while drawing at home at the young age of five with his mother whose artistic influence set him on his path. He continued pursuing his skills at the University of Colorado at Boulder upon graduating with honors he started his own company called Ink Spot Inc. creating graphics, brochures, logo’s and business cards for local businesses in the Denver Metro Area, over the next two years. Deciding to further his education, Rance went back to school and received a second degree in computer animation from the Colorado Institute of Art. Propelling him into a new career as the lead character animator for a local Dot com company, Learn2.com for the next 4 ½ years. When the company shut down, he found teaching to be a natural fit and joined the Staff of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design as an Adjunct Professor teaching drawing and animation and graphic design for 4 ½ years.

Rance has an extensive background spans over more than 32 years pulling from the most classic of art teachings to the most unorthodox, Rance has found a way to mix both tradition as well as cutting edge technology and philosophy’s to reach students of all ages.