In December 2013 we opened Namaste Studio, located in Lakewood, Colorado, to the public. This space offers a unique Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit platform that will help to activate your inner light and infuse the purpose of your life and help you to accomplish what and who you came here to be with a wisdom beyond measure!

Discipline and tone yourself in 2015 with total body strength training & cardio conditioning! Book your personal training with some weekly classes while doing Pilates infused TRX Suspension Training with Julie Kremer. This will tone your core in a way like none other!

Awaken and yolk your inner light with an Integral Hatha Yoga practice. Julie Kremer will guide the  deepening of your mind & body connection with the awareness of your true nature.

Learn to Draw Like a Pro! Activate perspective in your life and see the forest from the trees! Learn to doodle with Marvel Comics or Disney Style! Give your left side of your brain a rest and activate the creative right with Rance Poole!

Open your Chakras and learn how to use your Human Universal Energy toolbelt with Julie and Rance. Experience an even deeper partnership with the health and awareness of your body in relationship to your life in a way you may not have even known was possible!

Namaste Studio is “off the beaten path” located in Lakewood, Colorado.